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Painting The Town Red-Jerusalem City Center

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Painting The Town Red-Jerusalem City Center
תמונה פנימית של בית מואר, שולחן מטבח עמוס בכלי מטבח ובאוכל, תקרה עם מנורהת חלונות שקופים  עם נוף לגינה

Have you been lately in the City Center of Jerusalem? If you haven’t been, you should come and see it for yourself; you wouldn’t recognize it. Builders and developers have painted the town red with new and exciting construction of high-quality buildings. 


We can start with ‘Africa Israel’ with their project on Harav Kook St. The location is fantastic, it’s quiet, and right off of Ben Yehuda, so it’s accessible to all locations, including the Kotel and the famous shuk, Machane Yehuda. This building includes all the amenities, doorman, shabbat elevator, private underground parking, storage, and balcony. For most properties it even includes a sukka balcony. ‘Africa Israel’ is also building a brand new project on Yaffo St., right across from the shuk, called ‘Savyon View’.  


Next let’s move to the project by ‘Eizurim’, Hanevi’im Boutique. Hanevi’im St. in the past 3 to 4 years has gone through a major upgrade. Many projects have cropped up due to the success of Hanevi’im Boutique. This building includes spectacular views of the Kotel and the Temple Mount. It also includes all the amenities you could wish for, with beautiful high-end apartments, which were also rented out to various consulates.


Let’s finish by mentioning ‘Hadas Capital‘, which took over Jerusalem of Gold’s second phase building called ‘Jerusalem Spirit’, currently being built. It is in close proximity to all the city center hotspots, including, Mamilla Blvd., the Kotel, Ben Yehuda, etc. The views are spectacular. It was such a success that they even bought the rest of the space/properties left in Jerusalem of Gold phase one due to the demand that they were seeing in the area. 


So who are the buyers for these properties? From my experience, most of the people who bought and are looking into these buildings are those that were looking in the Rehavia, Shaarei Chesed area, but couldn’t find the properties that fit their needs at the right budget. At the moment, City Center is slightly cheaper than Rehavia and Shaarei Chesed, therefore it’s more feasible for people to buy, and get what they’re looking for, and still get a brand new property in an extremely attractive location.


So while looking for a property, don’t hesitate to visit and explore the new City Center, the new Rehavia/Shaarei Chesed.