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איש לבוש בחליפה ובעניבה קורא מסמכים מול מחשב נייד
New Law To The Buyer’s Benefit

Until a week ago, if you bought a new property on paper and you went by the 20/80 payment schedule, you got screwed by the ‘cost of building index.’ Let me explain. ‘The cost of building index’ means that if the materials of a building being built were increased, such as wood, metals, tiles, etc., the buyer carried the burden of paying that extra cost. In a standard 150 sqm apartment, this meant...

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תמונה של פרויקט באפרת - בתים ושדה, שמיים כחולים עם עננים
Why Is Now The Time To Buy In Efrat

As we see the light at the end of the tunnel and the new road to and from Efrat is being completed, as we speak, we also see the increase in prices in the various communities in Efrat. If prices in the older sections, such as Gefen, Rimon and Teena were between 8,000 to 10,000 NIS per sqm up to a year ago, we see now that the prices are already going up to around 12,000 to 13,000 NIS per sqm. Of course...

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Yitzchak Kowalsky
Where To Invest In Jerusalem Without Breaking The Bank!
12.12.2022 By Yitzchak Kowalsky

In my 10 years of experience there have been many shifts in what we call ‘the best place to invest in a Jerusalem property’. It used to be Rehavia, Talibiye, etc. were the sought-after locations due to their proximity to the Western Wall. In the last couple of years there’s been a shift in where and what people would like to invest in. The areas that had the highest demand now have peaked in price,...

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